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What is it about me that says
“make me fall in love with you,
treat me like trash,
break my heart,
then tell me how hurting me made you realize the error of your ways”?

What is it about me that makes you think
telling me how well you treat your new girl in comparison to me
is a good idea?

Why am I not the one who gets treated well?

Why do I always end up broken?

Why can’t I have the charming man to take care of me, be honest with me and
love me?

Why can’t you treat me like a person instead of an
object you can discard once you’re bored?

I am worth loving.  
I am worth respect and honesty.  
I am worth your effort.  

So what quality do I have that tells you I’m disposable?

This heart can only break so many times.  

So please -- don’t pick it up if you only intend on
throwing it away.

-- living with a disposable heart
Popcorn ceiling and fluorescent lights --
Is this all my life has become?

Laying on a yoga mat --
listening to Stevie Wonder --
as my mind begins to wander... (boo)

What exactly do I want out of this life?

To impact the lives of children through music --
Attend Yale for graduate school --
Start my own family or maybe just get a dog --

Or do I just scrap all that and let the universe take over?
Why can't there be explicit directions for which step to take next?

I guess the beauty in not knowing is that
I can do whatever the hell I want.

- can I have a map, please?
can i have a map, please?
It's been a boring day...
stop thinking about him every time you watch Friends
this isn't a TV show -- reality doesn't work that way

stop dreaming that he'll change his mind
he meant what he said and you have to accept it

stop talking about him with anyone who will listen
nothing they say will make you feel better right now

he’s still gone -- that won’t make him come back

-- if only it were that easy
if only it were that easy
Someday I'll have someone who loves me enough to mean it when they say forever.  Until then, I'll keep writing shitty poetry.
They dance across the page
as if they choreographed
the movements on their own.

Each position carefully calculated
to conjure the most pleasing aesthetic
for the faithful, patient patrons.

Every mark evoking expression
making all who hear feel -- react
to each phrase of lyrical melody.

Major joy, minor tragedy,
diminished terror, augmented intensity
concluding with a heart-leaping swell of sound.

These small black dots -- smudges
demand to be heard -- to be felt
Like the poet with her words -- confessions.

Hear me.
Understand me.
Accept me.

-- just listen
Do not let a man belittle
your strength, your influence,
because of your womanhood.

Let him hold you when you are weak.
Let him be there when you need support.

But when you are strong --
find a man who stands with you and says,
"that's my girl"
while he watches you ignite the world.

For he knows that you do not need him --
He works for a place in your heart so that he may stand
with you, side by side, as you show the nay sayers just

how powerful your storm is.

And he will smile and shake his head
as he tries to hold on to his umbrella.

-- don't let him calm your storm
I don't know if any of you care, but I composed a piece for piano.

If you would like to listen, here is the…


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Hi! I'm Ranie. I'm a proud Hufflepuff, I'm okay at clarinet and pretty mediocre at everything else I try to play, and enjoy writing as a way to process the clusterfuck that are my thoughts. Thanks for reading!


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  Hi Ranie,

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